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Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence grew up in Bakersfield, California. She claims that some of her ancestors were pioneers, teamsters, newspapermen and Mormons.

Caroline was a schoolmarm for ten years in London, England. Then, in 2001, she started writing history mystery stories for kids. She wrote about 20 books in a series called The Roman Mysteries.

Recently she got it into her head to write another series of books about a 12-year-old detective, P.K. Pinkerton, Private Eye. Set in Virginia City, Nevada in 1862, these aren't your ordinary Dime Novels. These books do not have a square-jawed Cowboy and his Faithful Steed. Good does not always triumph and a Bullet does not kill instantly - or sometimes at all. These are stories of prospectors, miners, actresses, saloonkeepers, gamblers, hurdy-girls, desperados and - the worst of the lot - newspapermen.