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Harry remembered a picture I showed.

When I visit schools to show the kids inspirational items and give writing tips, I often tell them about my research trips with my husband Richard AKA "Goes the Wrong Way" and my sister, "Hawkeye". One fun place we visited in 2010 was Oatman, Arizona, a ghost town on Route 66 with half-tame donkeys that roam the streets. If you give a donkey a carrot he will follow you back to your car and you can only get rid of him when you put up the electric window!

Another funny thing was that you said the donkey got his head stuck in the window...  Bertie

I liked the great descriptions you gave us and the story about the donkey. Rafe

My very favourite thing about your visit was the spit bowl and learning how people used to put tabacco in there mouth and had to spit it all out! I also
 really liked the pictures of the donkey with his head stuck in the window! Kate