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"a fast, funny adventure that cracks along as smartly as a cowboy's whip."
Amanda Craig, Saturday Times

"... atmospheric and witty Wild West adventury [with] a vibrant cast of characters..."
Book Trust

"This rip-roaring yarn, set in a world of hustlers, hurdy-gurdy girls, saloons and six-shooters, features the sympathetic if not always truthful reporter Sam Clemens (aka Mark Twain)."
Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times

"I Love, Love, LOVE it!!!! Pinky is a wonderful creation - authentic and lovable. It's exciting (I love all the cliffhangers) and funny and sometimes truly moving."
Sophie McKenzie, author of Girl, Missing
"Scalpings, six shooters, saloons and stage coaches. Clear your calendar because youll want to read this in a single sitting!"
Robert Muchamore, author of the CHERUB series

"Pinky is one of the most engaging heroes I've come across."
Daily Telegraph
"The thing I loved most about this book was the narrative voice..."
"The plot and story are fast, fun, and unique - a wonderful mixture that really makes this a book and series worth reading."
Fiction Thirst

"by far the most beguiling character to come out of an author's pen in a darned long while."
Sword & Sandals Kids' Blog

"Five out of five stars"

"Dang, folks, you have a treat on the way - 2nd June!"

Marie-Louise Jensen, author of Between Two Seas